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About The ABC of Football

In Denmark the book : ”The ABC of football” is often referred to, when a player or a team does everything ”according to the book”. But even though the book is seen as a reference, nobody has written it yet. That will change during 2014, where The ABC of Football will contain subjects like :


1. How goals are scored

a. An analysis of from which part of the pitch the assist is played, to where it is being played and from which position the goal is beeing scoring etc.

b. Analysis of how goals are scored after corner kicks – to where the ball is being played, from which position the goal is being scored, how the defenders defend etc.

c. Goals scored after free kicks. Where the ball is placed by the kicker, how the attacking players place themselves in front of the goal and how the defenders defend when a goal is being scored.

d. Counter attacks. How the goals are scored in this part of the game.

e. Penalty kicks. The best way for the kickers to score.

f. The players that scores the goals. The position on the pitch the topscorers play – and why.

The analysis is based on 10 seasons of goals from Champions League, and through this it is for instance possible to predict about 75% of all goals scored in open play.


2. Actions during the game

a. The probabilities for victory, draw and defeat compared to a certain lead – and how a team down by for instance 2 goals beat the odds and either win or draw the game.

b. Substitutions. The best time to substitute players and how the substitutions can make an impact on the game.

c. Red card. The effect of a player being sent off.

d. The best time of scoring a goal

e. The time in between goals.

The analysis are based on 15,000 games from Champions League, Europa League/UEFA Cup, games from the World Cup and European Championship and the best Danish league Superligaen.


3. Other subjects

a. Never change a winning team. Is the doctrine about never change a winning team right?

b. Firing a coach. The effect of firing a coach during the season.

c. The impact of participating in European football in the national league.

d. The odds of going through to the next stage in a European play-off based on the result in the first game.

Also this part of the analysis is based on 15.000 games from Champions League, Europa League/UEFA Cup, games from the World Cup and European Championship and the best Danish league Superligaen.

The aim of The ABC of football is not only to ask the question ”how” – for instance how the goals are beeing scored after a corner kick. More important the aim is to ask the question ”why”, in order to set up guidelines for how the game should be played, and why some players/club has success and others dont.


On you will be able to read analysis about football at the highest level. The first analysis regards the famous quote from Gary Lineker that Germans always win at the end of the games, and more similar analysis will follow.

Fodboldens ABC can be contacted here or by Skype at, until the final release during 2017. From that point it will also be possible to contact us by phone and meet us at our office.


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